Month: June 2016

22 Jun 2016

New Memorandum of Understanding between TB Alliance and the Medicines Patent Pool to Improve Access to TB Medicines in Resource-Limited Countries

TB Alliance and the Medicines Patent Pool signed a Memorandum of Understanding in April 2016, outlining a multi-faceted plan to encourage the development of affordable new TB (tuberculosis) regimens and ensure their availability in low-and-middle income countries.

TB is currently the deadliest infectious disease globally, killing one person every 20 seconds, the majority of cases being in low-resource settings. Making the pandemic worse is the growing number of patients who are co-infected with HIV, as well as the emergence of multi-drug resistant (MDR-) and extensively drug-resistant (XDR-) TB. The current TB treatment regimens are long, demanding and costly, improved, faster-acting and more affordable treatment is necessary to halt this pandemic.

According to Mel Spigelman, MD, TB Alliance’s President and Chief Executive Officer “TB Alliance is pleased to partner with the Medicines Patent Pool to accelerate R&D and ensure equitable access to new therapies. With its strong track record in negotiating voluntary licenses for HIV treatments, we believe the MPP can contribute significantly toward improving the international response to combatting TB in low- and middle-income countries.”

“The MPP is thrilled to work with TB Alliance, a leading product development partnership in TB and to benefit from its significant expertise in the area of TB drug R&D,” said Greg Perry, Executive Director of the MPP. “This MOU provides an excellent opportunity to bolster both organisations’ efforts, achieve significant global health benefits in the R&D and manufacturing of new anti-TB drugs and facilitate greater and better sharing of IP for that purpose.”

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