Month: April 2017

03 Apr 2017

1st Arab International Pharmacy Conference in Cairo Egypt 30 March – 1 April 2017, Cairo

The first Annual International Pharmacy Conference was held in Cairo, Egypt from the 30th of March to the 1st of April 2017 under the Patronage of Ain Shams University. The theme of this event was PHARMACY VISION 2030 – Education, Profession and Pharmaco-Regulations.

Dr Tienie Stander, CEO of Outcomes Research South Africa and Prof. Ibrahim Labouta, president of TCD Outcomes Research MENA region, were both speakers at this prime event. Their discussions included “Clinical vs. Outcomes Research: an integrated approach for Pharmaceutical Companies” and “National Overview on Pricing Modalities” respectively.

The main topics of this event included: Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Pharmaceutical Industry, Pharmacovigilance and Bioethics, Clinical Pharmacy Standard of Practice, Roles and Rights of Pharmacists in Health Care, Current and Future Perspectives of Pharmacy Education, Empowering and Developing Pharmacy Profession, Bridging the Gap between Practice and Education and Supporting and Making use of Pharmaceutical Research.

This unique scientific event provided attendees with insight on innovations in implementing clinical pharmacy services as well as new technologies and innovations in pharmacy practice. The conference furthermore examined ideas, such as ‘the pharmacists’ role of shared accountability in patient education and improving patient outcomes’. It further aimed to identify strategies for improving prescribing medicines in hospitals and developing highly effective medication management strategies.

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03 Apr 2017


As part of our new “Bearing Fruits” CSI initiative, we have chosen to partner with MAD Leadership Foundation to help bring about change in the lives of young South Africans.

MAD Leadership Foundation, founded by Francois Pienaar, focuses on leadership development through education. The approach is to identify deserving scholars with leadership potential, who do not have the necessary financial resources, and offer them comprehensive, long-term and personal support in the areas of education, mentorship, leadership and life-skills development, ensuring they have the necessary tools and opportunities to reach their full potential as future leaders of South Africa.

This partnership includes a monetary donation to pledge our commitment to this cause. Along with this pledge, we will be collecting and donating items needed by the scholars throughout the year. We will also be taking part in the mentorship programme to help develop the leaders of tomorrow.

We are looking forward to this partnership and excited about the journey that lies ahead. Together, let our work and actions benefit humanity!

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