TB Alliance partners with PepsiCo

TB Alliance is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the discovery and development of better, faster-acting, and affordable tuberculosis drugs that are available to those who need them. The organisation recently announced a partnership with beverage company PepsiCo with the sole purpose of improving the taste of treatment for children with TB.

“At PepsiCo, we saw a unique opportunity to leverage our R&D talent and flavor expertise to help improve the palatability of certain TB medicines,” said Dr. Mehmood Khan, Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer, Global Research and Development, PepsiCo. “In collaboration with the TB Alliance team and others, we are hopeful that we can identify formulation changes that will make it easier for caregivers to administer TB medicines to children. Our work together has the potential to significantly improve the care and well-being of many TB patients and move us one step closer to the goal of eradicating TB in children.”

For the full story please visit : http://www.tballiance.org/news/tb-alliance-partners-pepsico-advance-fight-improved-medicines-children

[source : http://www.tballiance.org/]