TCD MENA: The family grows

What started one year ago as a dream, became a reality on 1 December 2016 when TCD MENA opened its doors in Heliopolis, Cairo as a full service CRO, serving the Middle-East and North-Africa region.

Being part of the TCD Group (, our reach now extends from the Southern tip of the continent, to the North and the Middle-East. In the words of Dr. Hanaa Abdel-Maguid, managing director of TCD MENA: “Having been a sponsor of clinical trials for many years, I understand the needs of sponsors in a time when there are significant economic constraints globally. Part of our mission will be to convert these sponsor needs into innovative solutions that will compliment and support R&D objectives.”

The words of Eric Hoffer ring true: “In times of change, the learners shall inherit the earth, while the learned will find themselves perfectly equipped to manage a world that no longer exist.” As a learning organisation, the TCD Group will remain responsive to global trends and changing customer needs.